GROW UP INTO CHRISTBelmont Christian College

Belmont Christian College is located on the narrow scenic isthmus that lies between Lake Macquarie and the Pacific Ocean. The site is heritage listed and was once the John Darling Colliery. A vision for Christian schooling in the Belmont area was first conceived by members of Belmont Baptist Church and has seen
the College grow from humble beginnings with an enrolment of just 12 students in 1982. Decades later, for this generation, the College boasts many and varied facilities offering a dynamically innovative learning community built on strong academic and Biblical foundations for Beginners through to Year 12.
BCC services 70+ churches and has a staff
in excess of 100.

THE COLLEGE'S VISION IS That we might be a Christian Community which seeks to nurture and train young people to Grow up into Christ (Ephesians 4:15).

To create an environment where each child’s individual gifts are fostered, recognising that each child is a unique creation, loved by God.

To model Christ to our students in our words and actions

To provide an environment where children are nurtured, disciplined with love and accepted as valuable members of our community.

To teach the required curricula with a Biblical focus thus allowing the students to formulate a Christian world view.

To create an environment where students are encouraged to love God and to live a life of obedience to Him.

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