OUR OTHER Ministries

BBC Kidz Time

Meets while parents are in church Sunday mornings


Presently, occasional picnics, Dinner Church and gatherings.

Life Groups

A number of groups meet during the week and provide opportunity for more intensive bible study, fellowship and support. See calendar under “What’s happening” for venues and dates.

Kids Hope Australia

New mentoring ministry that we hope to start in the New Year with Belmont Public School.
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Special Events - Activities range from practical support to outreach. About four events are held each year such as; outreach breakfasts, Mother’s Day dinners and similar events, with up to 40 women attending.

Ruby Girls

Our mission is to see young girls come to a full understanding of God


For funerals, morning teas and varying functions.

Special Religious Education (SRE)

Scripture teaching in two local primary schools; work with other local churches in the support of an SRE teacher at Belmont High School.


Special Events - as opportunities arise.

Sporting Activities

Various teams represent the Church in football competitions.

Know Your Bible (KYB)

Catering for women from a number of churches. Venue - Church sanctuary. Date - Every Monday at 9.30am.

Friendship Circle

Caters for senior people 50+ years. A range of activities run each Friday morning from 9.30am - 12pm, with 30 plus in attendance. Quite a number are from outside BBC.


In the past there has been an active Youth program, but it is currently in abeyance. We are seeking a youth pastor for this position. A girls youth program is starting up in the New Year.

Prayer Ministry

A phone/internet based prayer chain, which operates on a needs basis, is active with a number of contacts who pass on urgent prayer needs. Saturday mornings at 8am we also meet for prayer.

Sunday afternoons 5pm - 6pm and every second Tuesday of the month 7pm - 8pm we also meet for prayer.